The Double Standards of America’s Rising P.C. Fascism

Political Correctness in America has been hijacked by the far left language fascists of the social justice warrior and feminist bloc. The word ‘racist’ is now so in vogue that it essentially means nothing. Once a word that… Read More

Microaggressions: And?

[Addendum: The point of this article is not to dismiss ACTUAL instances of subtle or not-so-subtle racism and prejudice but to point out that simply ‘feeling’ offended does not justify claiming it is so. We need to ask… Read More

Men’s Rights Activism: A White, Heterosexual Boys Club

I often criticize feminists for their wonky conspiracy theories but I have to say, men’s rights activists have certainly legitimized many of their concerns by forming what could easily be described as the single most pathetic cult of… Read More

The ‘It Gets Fatter Project’ and Misguided Body Positivity

Have you heard of the ‘it gets fatter’ project? No, I’m not shitting you right now. This group, born of the minds of ‘social justice warriors’, actually believes that health and weight are matters of opinion and perspective,… Read More

Trigger Warnings: Censorship and Speech Policing

Trigger warnings have become enormously popular and topical, not the least because of feminists and social justice warriors. For some reason, a large number of people seem to believe they live in a fantasy land where they have… Read More