The Sexy Time You and the Public You

It seems to me many people have failed to understand the act of sex at its core and what it means for human behavior. While I am not a psychologist or physician I am a veteran of the… Read More

Sex: A Meeting of Urges, Not Identities

Fucking is a power dynamic. The feminist myth that equality can be achieved between partners within the act of sex is as ridiculous as it is unsubstantiated. Furthermore, the feminist contention with penetration is entirely arbitrary. The notion… Read More

ANAL SEX: For Beginners

I’m not lying when I say that as a sodomite practitioner of the dark arts of sex, a shit-ton of hetero-men have asked me about how to broach the topic of anal intercourse with their lady friends. In… Read More

Sexual Objectification: A Non-Issue

No, we don’t have to take sexual objectification seriously. Sexual objectification is not the problem nor is it a problem. Nor does it exclusively affect women. The emotional assumption that sexual objectification causes problems or is somehow ‘bad’… Read More

Sex As a Room: Our Right to the Sex We Want

Sex is a room into which we should walk in as whomever we wish, and be able to walk out as usual again. The convention that we should be ashamed of our sexuality, what it craves, that it… Read More