Russian Activists vs. American ‘Activists’

In the light of Boris Nemtsov’s murder, the Russian opposition leader that was so ardently against Putin’s fascist leadership, I was thinking about all the politically correct obsessed ‘social activist’ liberal types and their war on real problems… Read More

American Shill for Russia’s Bullshit

I think it might have been the News Hour that I was watching when, as is usual in America, they had two ‘experts’ debating a geopolitical issue. This time it was Ukraine and Russia and whether or not… Read More

Why We Lie to Ourselves

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about why it is that many people struggle with the truth and my husband gave me an answer. Now, to an extent, we all play this game. We delude ourselves into believing… Read More

Russia’s Stupidly Gay Position on Gays

DISCLAIMER: I recognize not ALL Russians are idiots. I am, after all, married to a genius. Some actually manage to educate themselves on issues pertaining to sexuality. But most of them don’t. Though remember, this diatribe is equally… Read More

The Double Standards of Patriotism

Living in Russia has given me quite an education with regard to the power of nationalism and historical narratives. As Americans, our understanding of the world is highly calibrated by our own values, successes, and media. Even while… Read More