Ben Carson: Muslims Bad! Christians GOOD!

Ben Carson, Republican presidential candidate and more shockingly, a retired neuro-surgeon, has declared that Muslim Americans should not be considered for the presidency. His exact words were, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge… Read More

Truth: A Short

Much is often made of morality and its supposed origin in religion. Though it is obvious to anyone not living under a rock that morality exists with or without religion, many are fond of arguing that without faiths… Read More

The Chapel Hill Shootings and What 2 Stupid Women Have to Say About It

LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME! The above is a video of some people discussing atheism in the aftermath of the Chapel Hill Shooting since apparently, the shooter is a self-described anti-theist. While it remains unconfirmed whether or… Read More

Racism and Religious Critiques: False Equivalencies

Religious criticism, more specifically criticism of Islam, is often equated with racism and ethnic hatred. There are so many problems with this equivalency that I am actually bedazzled by it. It is as though I am watching the… Read More

Missing the Point about Religion

It should be glaringly apparent to the fives and tens of people who read this blog that I am no fan of religion. More than that, however, I’m generally opposed to lazy thinking, irrationality, and intellectual insincerity. The… Read More

Religious Interpretation: Come one, come all…

Islam is now intimately associated with terrorism despite the fact that everyone from Christians to Buddhists actively participate in terrorizing people the world over. People still don’t seem to realize that religion, and not Islam specifically, is the… Read More

Atheism: Not a Church, Not an Ideology

I was recently engaged in a very tedious discussion with some feminist, Marxist troll who kept insisting that atheism is an ideology. He asserted this based off of the beliefs, writings, and lectures of recent so-called ‘New Atheists’,… Read More

Homeschooling and Religious Indoctrination: An Attack

Indoctrinating children into any particular faith is, and should be labeled, child abuse. The reasons are obvious. It constitutes a complete negligence of their education, free-will, and psychological well-being. And while many of us may have grown up… Read More

Death to Religion: Waking Up to Reality

The reality of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is that they are intolerant religions espousing elitist, even fascist values, and the only reason they appear in any country, such as America, as peaceful is because the secular laws of… Read More

Common Christian Comments on Evolution: Stop Embarassing Yourselves

So…I was watching this ridiculous youtube channel called StateofDaniel and I felt the need to address some of his popularly held beliefs about Evolution and debunk them for the ignorant garbage they are.   Who is to say… Read More