Identity Politics – A Critical Examination

Identity politics necessitates the acceptance of not a few transparently contradictory ideas. First and foremost, it inextricably ties identity to experience. When I say identity I am referring to both biologically established identities, such as being dark-skinned or… Read More

Feminism’s Slick Statistics

Statistics are the bite-sized gummies of the scientific world. They represent the deliciously small chewables of the empirical realm in which the byzantine complexity of lengthy surveys and studies can be condensed into chunks of useful information for… Read More

Rape Accusations: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In her article, No Matter What Jackie Said We Should Generally Believe Rape Claims, Zerlina Maxwell makes a frighteningly invidious and Crucible-like case for why we should do away with innocent until proven guilty. With regard to hearing… Read More

Rights, Reality, and Rape Culture

Rape is a not a special kind of crime. What do I mean by this? I mean, when accused of murder, robbery, vandalism, or any other crime you can think of, regardless of how mild or severe, those… Read More