Your # Isn’t a Movement

I recently came across #thisis2016 which is apparently some kind of ‘tell your own story’ about racism against Asian ethnicities. Admittedly I haven’t done in depth research on this ‘movement’ but as far as I can tell it… Read More

Nicki Minaj: Black racism against Asians (A parody)

ATTENTION: This is a parody. It does not in any way reflect my actual views on cultural appropriation or any group or community of people in the United States. It is meant as a parody of what has… Read More

Affirmative Action: Some Inconsistencies

Either you meet a standard or you don’t meet it. How much your parents have donated or how dark your skin is should not impact your chances at qualification. It is called merit. Lack of physical representation does… Read More

Oppression and Privilege: A Matter of Time, Space, and Money

It’s been too long since anyone did a real examination of what privilege and oppression in America actually are. There probably hasn’t been a realistic analysis of their complexities since intersectionality theory was developed, which if you don’t… Read More