The Capital of American Victimhood

The most disappointing lesson any human being learns is the unfairness of life. Greed and ambition are usually the speedier stairs to success than meekness and modesty. A Muscovite friend of mine once remarked upon this truism, stating… Read More

Intellectual Places can never be Safe Places.

I don’t like the concept of ‘trigger warnings’, ‘safe places’ or ‘microaggressions’. I don’t like them because they cloister people in chambers of entitlement and victim-mongering that nurse fragile and adolescent psychologies. These new terms to the tumblr… Read More

Microaggressions: And?

[Addendum: The point of this article is not to dismiss ACTUAL instances of subtle or not-so-subtle racism and prejudice but to point out that simply ‘feeling’ offended does not justify claiming it is so. We need to ask… Read More