Retorts to Hijab Apologists

I have listed some of the most common and inane arguments cited when highlighting the Hijab’s origins as a tool of patriarchal theocracy. These lines are most commonly heard in the West, where the vast majority of the… Read More

Orlando is about Religion, Not Guns, Homophobia or Mental Health

I am going to talk about the shooting in Orlando, perpetrated by a Muslim man in a gay club. It fascinates me that everyone seems deliberately intent on diverting as much attention as possible away from this asshole’s… Read More

Ben Carson: Muslims Bad! Christians GOOD!

Ben Carson, Republican presidential candidate and more shockingly, a retired neuro-surgeon, has declared that Muslim Americans should not be considered for the presidency. His exact words were, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge… Read More

Apologizing for Theocratic Fascism: The New Secular Liberals

There is a tremendous amount of confusion these days among secular liberals about the difference between Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. The constant and incessant conflation of these two concepts is typically the driving force for… Read More

ISIS is Muslim and Westboro is Christian, Deal with It.

An article in the Atlantic about ISIS really made my day. It was coherent, well researched, and ruthless. The writer touched on some issues that I think are particularly salient especially since they pertain to more than just… Read More

Religious Interpretation: Come one, come all…

Islam is now intimately associated with terrorism despite the fact that everyone from Christians to Buddhists actively participate in terrorizing people the world over. People still don’t seem to realize that religion, and not Islam specifically, is the… Read More

Death to Religion: Waking Up to Reality

The reality of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is that they are intolerant religions espousing elitist, even fascist values, and the only reason they appear in any country, such as America, as peaceful is because the secular laws of… Read More

Sharia Law: Not a Human Rights Framework

Believe it or not I do not have to know anything about Sharia Law other than that it is a religious law to know that it is fundamentally in conflict and hostile to human rights, basic or otherwise…. Read More