Identity Politics – A Critical Examination

Identity politics necessitates the acceptance of not a few transparently contradictory ideas. First and foremost, it inextricably ties identity to experience. When I say identity I am referring to both biologically established identities, such as being dark-skinned or… Read More

You can’t understand because you’re not [insert identity]!

The single worst concept to spring from the ash of identity politics, a medium so fertile for the growth of stupidity it rivals libertarianism, is the notion that in order to understand or relate to a person’s experience… Read More

Shared Goals are not Shared Motives

I want to address an irksome trend among people today when arguing. I am referring to the conflation of action and motive. It seems to me many people struggle with recognizing that different and even opposing motives can… Read More

Identity Politics: A Brief Attack

You are a hollow, underdeveloped person when you exclaim that your sexuality, race, or sex makes you. When you claim that it is part of ‘everything’ you do and is relevant to all occasions. Of these three superficial… Read More