America and Her Priorities: Foie Gras and Saudia Arabia

So this about does it for me. Apparently the people of California have a lot of time on their hands and absolutely no sense of priority. Foie gras is actually a hot-button issue. Apparently because it involves force-feeding… Read More

Pregnancy: The Rights of Mothers and Fathers

Anyone who knows me knows where I stand on abortion, it is frequently discussed in the United States where, unlike other highly developed nations, it remains an immensely controversial issue in which both sides often end the discussion… Read More

Sex Work: Our Bodies, Our Rights

ADDENDUM: I want to be clear on this point…how legalized prostitution or sex work should be implemented and whether or not it reduces sex trafficking is irrelevant to the conversation I am having here. I am simply arguing… Read More

Sharia Law: Not a Human Rights Framework

Believe it or not I do not have to know anything about Sharia Law other than that it is a religious law to know that it is fundamentally in conflict and hostile to human rights, basic or otherwise…. Read More