The Fascist Pillars of Feminism (a 5 part critique)

There was a time, I’m told, when feminism was a realistic, meaningful movement in the United States. It had leaders, was focused, and possessed worthwhile goals it sought to fulfill. Moreover, it was also united and constructive. Unfortunately,… Read More

Common Arguments Against Free Speech: How to Obliterate Them

Argument 1 [The Already Argument] But we already have limits on free speech! What about libel? Slander? Or Holocaust denial laws? Counter 1 This one is a non-starter since laws restricting the freedom of speech do not automatically… Read More

Intellectual Places can never be Safe Places.

I don’t like the concept of ‘trigger warnings’, ‘safe places’ or ‘microaggressions’. I don’t like them because they cloister people in chambers of entitlement and victim-mongering that nurse fragile and adolescent psychologies. These new terms to the tumblr… Read More