Identity Politics – A Critical Examination

Identity politics necessitates the acceptance of not a few transparently contradictory ideas. First and foremost, it inextricably ties identity to experience. When I say identity I am referring to both biologically established identities, such as being dark-skinned or… Read More

The Capital of American Victimhood

The most disappointing lesson any human being learns is the unfairness of life. Greed and ambition are usually the speedier stairs to success than meekness and modesty. A Muscovite friend of mine once remarked upon this truism, stating… Read More

You can’t understand because you’re not [insert identity]!

The single worst concept to spring from the ash of identity politics, a medium so fertile for the growth of stupidity it rivals libertarianism, is the notion that in order to understand or relate to a person’s experience… Read More

The Fascist Pillars of Feminism (a 5 part critique)

There was a time, I’m told, when feminism was a realistic, meaningful movement in the United States. It had leaders, was focused, and possessed worthwhile goals it sought to fulfill. Moreover, it was also united and constructive. Unfortunately,… Read More

The Double Standards of America’s Rising P.C. Fascism

Political Correctness in America has been hijacked by the far left language fascists of the social justice warrior and feminist bloc. The word ‘racist’ is now so in vogue that it essentially means nothing. Once a word that… Read More

Sexual Objectification/Cultural Appropriation is Bosh

I want to readdress some of the logical fallacies and emotional assumptions embedded in 3rd wave feminism’s assessment of both sexual objectification and cultural appropriation. Remember that sexual objectification has been labeled ‘bad’ because it necessarily reduces a… Read More

Gay Men Owe Women…Nothing

Rose McGowan from the vapid and adolescent TV series ‘Charmed’ stated for the record that, “Gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so…I have an indictment of the gay community right now, I’m actually… Read More

Feminism’s Slick Statistics

Statistics are the bite-sized gummies of the scientific world. They represent the deliciously small chewables of the empirical realm in which the byzantine complexity of lengthy surveys and studies can be condensed into chunks of useful information for… Read More

Racism isn’t cool, but sometimes homophobia is…

In today’s America the call-out culture continues to grow, although like most of feminism’s 21st century advents it is misguided; failing to focus its energies where truly necessary. Instead of calling out American-led militarism or our hypocritical foreign… Read More

Truth, an Existential Threat

I was recently engaged in a slight tussle with a relative on facebook which made me think about how easily overlooked the point of a statement can be when the audience’s mood is elsewhere. This individual has a… Read More