America’s Hatred of Science and Love of Opinion

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle collider, the largest and most powerful of its kind, established by the European Organization for Nuclear Research and stationed near Geneva, Switzerland. It is underground and boasts a circumference of… Read More

EVOLUTION: The Essential Basics

What everyone needs to know and should know about evolution by natural selection and random mutation first is that it is not ‘just’ a theory. Scientifically speaking it is a theory. But this is not the same as… Read More

Common Christian Comments on Evolution: Stop Embarassing Yourselves

So…I was watching this ridiculous youtube channel called StateofDaniel and I felt the need to address some of his popularly held beliefs about Evolution and debunk them for the ignorant garbage they are.   Who is to say… Read More


The question is, are you really interested in understanding genetically modified foods? Or have you already decided that, no matter what, they must be bad for you? The road to understanding is often a long, drawn-out slog that… Read More