ANAL SEX: For Beginners

I’m not lying when I say that as a sodomite practitioner of the dark arts of sex, a shit-ton of hetero-men have asked me about how to broach the topic of anal intercourse with their lady friends. In… Read More

EVOLUTION: The Essential Basics

What everyone needs to know and should know about evolution by natural selection and random mutation first is that it is not ‘just’ a theory. Scientifically speaking it is a theory. But this is not the same as… Read More

Veganism: Against the Facts

Meat Causes Cancer: But not really. First I want to address the prevarication that eating meat causes colon cancer. No it does not. Eating meat does not cause colon cancer. Eating an unbalanced diet, heavy in red and… Read More


The question is, are you really interested in understanding genetically modified foods? Or have you already decided that, no matter what, they must be bad for you? The road to understanding is often a long, drawn-out slog that… Read More