The Chapel Hill Shootings and What 2 Stupid Women Have to Say About It

LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME! The above is a video of some people discussing atheism in the aftermath of the Chapel Hill Shooting since apparently, the shooter is a self-described anti-theist. While it remains unconfirmed whether or… Read More

Missing the Point about Religion

It should be glaringly apparent to the fives and tens of people who read this blog that I am no fan of religion. More than that, however, I’m generally opposed to lazy thinking, irrationality, and intellectual insincerity. The… Read More

Atheism: Not a Church, Not an Ideology

I was recently engaged in a very tedious discussion with some feminist, Marxist troll who kept insisting that atheism is an ideology. He asserted this based off of the beliefs, writings, and lectures of recent so-called ‘New Atheists’,… Read More

Common Christian Comments on Evolution: Stop Embarassing Yourselves

So…I was watching this ridiculous youtube channel called StateofDaniel and I felt the need to address some of his popularly held beliefs about Evolution and debunk them for the ignorant garbage they are.   Who is to say… Read More

Lame Generalizations about Atheists

It has become exhausting, all the little buzzfeed and whatever else articles about ‘how annoying’ or ‘hypocritical’ atheists are. Allow me to counter some of these nonsense claims which are undoubtedly the work of the very insecure believers… Read More

Changing the Discourse about ‘beliefs’

So I’m going to discuss once more the issue of Religious Privilege and further, the issue with Western discourse today about such issues. I’m not the first to say this, and I won’t be the last nor will… Read More