Rant on American Sniper

So I want to talk about why I love this video so much. It so concisely and incisively sums up every issue I have with American Sniper and many Americans’ adoration for it. Regarding Iraq, I can easily… Read More

Patho-Adolescent America

A friend of mine was recently regaling me with his theory of America’s patho-adolescent culture. Basically the assertion is that Americans persist in a teenage mindset centered around the experience of the self (all attention for ME!!!) with… Read More

America’s Hatred of Science and Love of Opinion

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle collider, the largest and most powerful of its kind, established by the European Organization for Nuclear Research and stationed near Geneva, Switzerland. It is underground and boasts a circumference of… Read More

The Double Standards of Patriotism

Living in Russia has given me quite an education with regard to the power of nationalism and historical narratives. As Americans, our understanding of the world is highly calibrated by our own values, successes, and media. Even while… Read More