Who are you?

I am a middle class, college educated homosexual from suburban America – to be as general as possible. I’m writing because I feel so overwhelmed by my thoughts and those of others that I feel it necessary to my mental health to pour myself out when needed.

What do you blog about?

Anything but I focus mostly on social and controversial issues that I either really enjoy discussing or I feel people have trouble talking about. Feminism and why it is a problem is a major theme for me. You will also notice a focus on religion and science and their relationship.

Can I email you?

Yes. Anytime.

Do you take blog contributions?

I do! If you want to contribute a piece I will feature it, assuming it is decent work and on an interesting topic.

Why are your blogs so aggressive?

Because I love intense rhetoric – so long as it is substantiated.

Why do you hate feminism and religion so much?

Because both always have been or have become tedious institutions that do nothing but foster double standards, stupidity, active ignorance and emphasize feeling over thinking.


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