Orlando is about Religion, Not Guns, Homophobia or Mental Health

I am going to talk about the shooting in Orlando, perpetrated by a Muslim man in a gay club.

It fascinates me that everyone seems deliberately intent on diverting as much attention as possible away from this asshole’s religion and redirecting it toward gun control, homophobia, and mental health. It is as though everyone save for far right conservatives have immersed themselves in the grand delusion that ideology had no part to play here. What a sad day it is when The Right sees more clearly than The Left.

Indeed, had a Christian or white supremacist perpetrated this crime I question whether there would be such a poverty of self-reflection and self-criticism regarding the ideology ruddering it. But alas, the man was Muslim and so due to the liberal-feminist teachings of America’s newly founded nydus of pro-vegan hipster bull-dike speech police, it has become anathema to even consider the role a barbaric belief system like Islam might have played in motivating this young man to murderously assault a gay club.

Gun control is an important issue. Some might even venture to call it a culturally complex one. It deserves to be considered and discussed. That homophobia or mental health, however, should be bandied about as though separate and distinct from, as opposed to part and parcel to, extreme Islam is not only bizarre but intellectually dishonest, cowardly, and just plain fucking stupid.

Of course someone who takes Islam or any religion this seriously is bat-shit fucking insane. Many people call themselves Muslim or Christian but the only ones taking those colossally bad ideas seriously are the ones wielding the automatics.

We have already seen the pathetically convenient excuse, ‘that is not my faith’ or ‘that is not the true Islam’ but who the fuck are these people to make that claim? Where is their badge of authority on the subject? With books as poorly written as the Koran or Bible, who at all can claim any authority on them? I might add as well, only the literal interpretations have any grounding and guess which camp that favors?

As for the claims that this is truly about America’s problems with homophobia, what bosh! What utter nonsense! This country has made one of the fastest 180s in favor of LGBT people in the history of mankind, coming about from federally backed institutionalized hate to legal support of gay marriage, parenting, adoption, antidiscrimination, and even pioneering genderless bathrooms against the will of its own state governments!

And oh, in case anyone was stupid enough to not notice, Islam is categorically anti-homosexual, anti-sex, anti-equality. So, shocker, ladies and gentleman, but Islamic extremism and homophobia are not mutually exclusive, nor is mental health.

I want to continue this diatribe to lambast the gay Muslims who have with such squalid glee taken the opportunity to use this event to further their own sad agendas and talk about how they are the ‘real’ victims of Orlando.

A religion is an institution. We can join and leave institutions. In America you do not have to remain Muslim for fear of mortal reprisal. I am exhausted of religious people comparing their plights to gays, ethnic peoples, and women, who cannot change their identities. A Muslim can stop being Muslim. No one can stop being black, gay, or having a vagina!

Gay Muslims, get a fucking grip, have some self-respect, and abandon that barbaric institution that has done absolutely nothing but hold humanity back. I extend the same exhortation to LGBT people in all religious circles. Start taking yourselves seriously. Your religions do not support you and they never will and no twisting of their words will make it so. Be honest with yourselves!

It may well behoove us to exhort our religious citizens to speak out against the ghastly evils their comrades commit but it would benefit us even more greatly if we simply acknowledged religious beliefs for what they are; silly, primitive superstitions that conduce to profoundly sinister consequences.

This man might have been crazy and he might have been homophobic and his gun might have been gotten too easily, but at the end of the day the only certain thing is that a very bad idea looms over it all, and surprise, it had consequences, just as bad ideas often do.


2 Comments on “Orlando is about Religion, Not Guns, Homophobia or Mental Health

  1. In my opinion, many people conflate religion and ethnicity, and are afraid of being “racist”.

    However, we should remember any form of fanaticism – including its Christian, white, 100% U.S. versions – can be harmful.

    Do be scared, folks – we can condemn religion-related intolerance and/or violence without being racist.


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