The Fascist Pillars of Feminism (a 5 part critique)

There was a time, I’m told, when feminism was a realistic, meaningful movement in the United States. It had leaders, was focused, and possessed worthwhile goals it sought to fulfill. Moreover, it was also united and constructive.

Unfortunately, today feminism has devolved into what can only be described as an ideologically fascist, fear-mongering extremist movement with cult-like obedience to popular party lines and a culture of public humiliation. In this editorial I’d like to examine the many ways in which feminism has deteriorated into a self-destructive and toxic ideology, one that has borrowed and broken Marxist and progressive ideals, and transformed itself into one of the single most dangerous movements in the West today.

PART ONE: Free Speech is Hate Speech

When critics accuse feminism today of having much in common with ISIS they’re not being facetious. Both are remarkably contemptuous of free speech, the only difference being one has absolute power to prevent it while the other must work within a disagreeable legal framework. Personally, I consider it a truism to say that when it comes to social justice warriors, had they the opportunity to silence their opponents Stalinist style, they would.

Exhibit A : Poll showing discontent and confusion over the definition of free speech.

Exhibit B : British university bans controversial comedian from campus.

Exhibit C : President Obama criticizes the coddling university culture.

Exhibit D : Watch those pronouns you transphobic monster!

Exhibit E : US Department of Education asked to censor websites and punish racist speech.

Exhibit F : How trigger warnings are destroying the American university.

I could go on. This trend is largely within universities, which is not surprising when we consider their make-up. Liberal, naïve, largely middle-class and so on; types that have no grasp of how the world actually works, especially outside of America. Taught to make ubiquitous use of emotional assumptions and to replace critical thought for post-structuralism, young people today no longer need silly facts to make sense of reality, instead reality becomes a personal narrative in which everything is just a matter of perspective.

The ways in which social justice warriors and feminists obfuscate their absolute contempt for free speech are numerous. An entire lexicon has arisen to define the ways in which dissenting opinions are evil and is constructed in the most vague and self-righteous of terms so as to deflect as much scrutiny as possible. Here are a few.

Microaggression: any word, phrase, expression, or action that can be interpreted as bigoted, regardless of the number of alternative explanations.

Safe Space: an arbitrarily designated space in which only the most pro-intersectional feminist rhetoric and post-structuralist drivel can be discussed – essentially any location containing 2 or more feminists.

Mansplain: a term used to silence anyone, though especially men, who attempt to offer a legitimate or alternative point to a discussion on anything, including those topics in which they are experts.

Rape Culture: the entirely out of proportion conspiracy theory that America legally and socially sanctions rape despite an overwhelming lack of evidence, leading to the idea that women should always be believed at the expense of the accused and that rape is a crime more heinous than murder or genocide. To counter this claim only legitimizes it.

Patriarchy: the entirely out of proportion conspiracy theory that white men around the world collude to oppress women, especially women of color, despite both genders having exactly all the same rights.

Intersectionality Theory: a feminist theory resembling pokemon which states the more oppressed identities you’ve collected, the wiser and more knowledgeable you are about the ‘true nature of reality’.

Narrative: any of a number of competing perspectives with no bearing on facts or reality, the importance of which is gauged by how oppressed the narrator is.

Privilege: any form of success.

Oppression: any form of failure.

Problematic: an adjective used to draw attention away from the fact that its user misunderstands the situation at hand.

Shitlord: anyone with a critique of feminist pedagogy, especially a legitimate one.

Trigger Warning: a warning tag for people seeking to be pathologically offended.

Cultural Appropriation: the heinous act of a white person eating sushi.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet or Huffington Post would find it difficult to deny the notion that feminists and social justice warriors want to remake the definition of free speech. Anything they dislike or don’t understand is a glaring example of misogyny or racism. Anyone who disagrees and even those who simply choose not to participate, is automatically labeled part of the white heteropatriarchal matrix of oppression. In short, disagreement is harassment, criticism is violence, and silence is hateful.

Feminism seems fundamentally incapable of hearing any story or stance that does not confirm its world view and will go to great lengths to silence detractors. Take the examples of such atheist ex-Muslim speakers as Maryam Namazie and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, both of whom have been picketed and censored by feminist groups despite having personal on-the-ground experience  with the real oppression of Sharia Law in their home countries of Iran and Somalia. These are women that have had death threats made against them for their very real activism, unlike the feminism of Tumblr which is done over tea and biscuits.

Until now, feminist supporters have tried to claim that these are extremists and that they are few and far between. But the growing body of evidence suggests that at universities across America, free speech, discourse, and the nature of reality is under attack. But instead of countering these offensives, people are cowering and apologizing for exercising their first amendment rights. Be assured, however, that these kinds of people are ideologically and intellectually opposed to the free exchange of ideas, not unlike the theocratic fascists of Syria’s ISIS.

To be continued in PART TWO: The Additive Property of Victimhood




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