The Double Standards of America’s Rising P.C. Fascism

Political Correctness in America has been hijacked by the far left language fascists of the social justice warrior and feminist bloc. The word ‘racist’ is now so in vogue that it essentially means nothing. Once a word that clearly identified someone of bigoted beliefs, it now describes any person who is found disagreeable by this odious, irascible, and generally hypocritical bloc of far left ‘social activists’. Let’s review some of them shall we?


If a black woman says it, then it’s cool, if a white man says it, then its racist or homophobic.

No. Something is either bigoted or it is not, irrespective of who is saying it or what they look like. What matters is intent. What is the intent of the person making the joke or said statement? Do they have a history of bigotry? Does the context surrounding their statement support that claim? Is there another more reasonable or less sinister explanation for their comments? And even if we find the comment ultimately ignorant, is it still racist or just misinformed?

It seems to me that a true racist is someone who has the right information but blithely dismisses it in favor of a preferred worldview, sort of like what the religious do all the time. This, as opposed to say a young or particularly cloistered person who has made a monolith of Asian cultures not because he or she knows better, but because it is all they have been exposed to. The question is, do they change after learning?

Being a member of a minority does not make you impervious to bigoted acts and statements. Most of the homophobic people I have personally come into contact with have been black or Asian. I’ve met bigots of all backgrounds, and no skin color or culture acts as an automated shield against it.

A statement is either wrong or right, depending on certain facts. A statement is either bigoted or not, depending on certain facts. Not, the statement is either bigoted or not depending on what color and gender they are. That, my friends, would actually be racist and sexist.

Only [insert particular minority] understand what it is like to be [insert particular minority].

If this is true then why is it that everyone seems to understand what it is like to be white? If it is the case that understanding any one person’s experiences requires being their ethnicity, gender, or sexuality, then ultimately, no one can understand what ‘it is like’ to be anyone who does not share all of their physical and psychosexual characteristics. If it is not the case, then anyone can dare to discuss the experiences of anyone else.

In essence, if the SJWs and feminists believe in statement two, then anyone who isn’t white cannot talk about what it is like to be white, just as they claim white people know nothing of what it is like to be black or Native American. Moreover, black people and Native Americans couldn’t discuss what it is like to be each other.

It is obvious, however, that statement two is bosh. Human beings, no matter their physical or psychosexual characteristics, are members of the same species with the same brains. We all share the same depth of emotions and potential range of experiences and as a result, it is not hard to know others if one is committed to the simple act of empathy. There is actually nothing so unique about being black or gay, for example, that makes it impossible for white or heterosexual folk to understand.

In short, if you can imagine what it is like to be discriminated against for a particular reason, then you can imagine what it might be like to be black or gay. And, since everyone has experienced some level of undue discrimination or hatred, it is not difficult to imagine. It is only a matter of scale.

Generally speaking, there is nothing one group of people can understand that cannot be understood by another, were that not true then foreign languages could not be learned and cultural diffusion wouldn’t exist and no one would ever be able to talk about or learn from another person, ever.

White people are responsible for all the sins of all white people everywhere, and the rest of us are just victims, free of any and all possible blame.

No again. You either believe in transgenerational sins or you don’t. If you do, then it applies to everyone and not just white people, and if you don’t, then again, it applies to all or none. We are only responsible for the acts we commit and commit to ourselves.

But let’s role with this one for a moment. SJW’s and feminists love to lay this one and thick. They are constantly clamoring for reparations and demanding apologies from all the wrong people. They especially love to claim that ‘being silent’ is no different than perpetrating the act in question, as though they have the final say on that deeply philosophical question.

If it is true that we are responsible for the institutions we are a part of, willingly or not willingly, then the minorities of America have a lot to be responsible for. If you are a citizen of the USA then by statement three’s logic, you are responsible for all the horrors the State Department has ever committed and they are manifold my friends. Including but not limited to, supporting the theocratic fascist government of Saudi Arabia, toppling the democratic governments of Iran and Guatemala, invading Iraq and Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib, and chemical warfare over the people of Vietnam. Prepare your kids folks, because they are thus guilty as charged.

This logic functions the same for religious folk. If you are Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, Muslim, or a member of any religion really, you bear responsibility for all those institutions’ sins and hideous acts of unbridled evil. Even more so since membership is optional, not like being white or in most cases, a citizen of this country.

Obvious nonsense.

Oppressed people deserve reparations and etc.

That depends on what you mean by ‘deserve’.

No one asks where the money will come from, and who will suffer as a result. Let’s take slavery for example. If the government decided to pay reparations to black Americans for slavery where would they find the money? Who would get it and how much? Not all black people in America today were slaves. The vast majority of white people never owned slaves and none own them today. And what about rich black people? Would they get as much money as poor black people? Would poor white people have to pay as much as rich white people? See what a cluster fuck this is?

Reparations only make sense when the people who deserve them are still alive and the people who owe them can be targeted and taxed.

There is a larger point at issue here, however, then just reparations. History is rife with examples of people oppressing other people and it was rarely race related.

Do the Mongols owe Russia for its invasion and yoke? Do the Italians and Iranians owe the Greeks due to the depredations of the Roman and Persian empires? Do the Sioux owe something to the other tribes they warred with? Does Spain owe something to England or the Netherlands for its religiously motivated attacks in the 16th century? And what do the Arabs owe Africa for the Arab slave trade, which was greater and crueler in scope than the North Atlantic. I wonder if Korea, China, and Japan, have figured out their reparations for World War II and prior. And isn’t it too bad the Aztecs aren’t around anymore to pay reparations to all the tribes they fucked prior to being fucked themselves by the conquistadores? And if the indigenous people of the Americas have a right to their land, why don’t the indigenous people of Europe have the same claim?

Get my point? How far back in history must we go before it becomes meaningless to assign blame? No one is faultless when you decide to represent a group.

 We believe in free speech but not when it nebulously hurts feelings. HEY! DON’T SILENCE ME!

Then you don’t believe in free speech. You either believe that people should be allowed to speak their minds in public or you do not. The only real exception to this rule pertains to advocating for immediate harm against a person or people, and no that doesn’t include hurt feelings.

Also, it isn’t ‘silencing’ when someone’s argument destroys yours. That is just you experiencing the hysteria of feeling butthurt.

[Insert minority] failures can be explained by society’s oppression, so it isn’t their fault.

If society can explain away the behaviors of one then it can explain away the behaviors of others. Society’s influence is either too powerful to overcome or it is not, this goes for black people and white people. It also goes for heterosexuals and homosexuals. So if you claim that society has made black people a certain way you cannot wince at the same argument made to excuse white racists.

These are just a few of the major double standards of America’s far-left fascists. Many of these issues are complicated ones and require deeper thought than that of a sophomore women’s studies course to deconstruct them. That being said, the lesson to be learned here is this, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.



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