Counter Arguments to Anti-Syrian Refugee Rhetoric

Counter Arguments to Anti-Refugee Rhetoric

We need to focus on our own people, we have too many problems to solve here.

Oh, I guess America’s leaders can only deal with one problem at a time.

This is an obvious strawman and it is used whenever someone is too lazy or cowardly to resolve the emergent situation at hand.

But some of them might be terrorists!

And the overwhelming majority of them won’t be. Do I need to mention what happened in Colorado Springs the other day? It should go without saying that home-grown gun violence presents a much greater danger to the American people than terrorist refugees do.

Again, how cowardly must our leadership be to deny refuge to dozens of thousands because 2 or 3 may be saboteurs? If that’s the case, ISIS has already succeeded in using fear to kill our compassion.

On another note, when was taking in the huddled masses supposed to be convenient?

This is a problem of the Middle East, they need to work this out on their own for once!

May I remind you that the United States is an interloper in the affairs of the M.E. We were never asked to engage in their affairs and even if we had been, we have always had the option to do otherwise.

Our government is responsible for the regime change in Iraq and the famously weak and incompetent government we established there. As a direct result, Iraq was unable to deal with the political and military turmoil of ISIS, leading to the vanished border between Iraq and Syria, greatly strengthening the terrorist organization.

In our bumbling attempts at resolution, we unintentionally gave weapons and money to ISIS, and contributed to the vitiation of Assad’s forces, again aiding ISIS, and all due to our infantile stance on the nature of good and evil.

The next time some patriotic asshole tells you Assad must go because he is a dictator, mention our allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. And if they bring up barrel bombs, mention our use of the chemical weapon ‘agent orange’ in Vietnam. Oops.

Anyway, that should do it.




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