Counter Arguments to Anti-Syrian Refugee Rhetoric

Counter Arguments to Anti-Refugee Rhetoric We need to focus on our own people, we have too many problems to solve here. Oh, I guess America’s leaders can only deal with one problem at a time. This is an… Read More

Sexual Objectification/Cultural Appropriation is Bosh

I want to readdress some of the logical fallacies and emotional assumptions embedded in 3rd wave feminism’s assessment of both sexual objectification and cultural appropriation. Remember that sexual objectification has been labeled ‘bad’ because it necessarily reduces a… Read More

Gay Men Owe Women…Nothing

Rose McGowan from the vapid and adolescent TV series ‘Charmed’ stated for the record that, “Gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so…I have an indictment of the gay community right now, I’m actually… Read More

People First, Police Second

On September 6th of this year in California, Fay Wells locked herself out of her apartment. She would later do what anyone would, call a locksmith and then move on with her life. Shortly after doing so, however,… Read More

Gloria Steinem’s ‘Imported Patriarchy’ Theory

Gloria Steinem, venerated feminist, recently claimed on NPR that domestic abuse, patriarchy, and other such perceived and so-called ‘Western ills’ were imported to the Americas after European colonization, substantiating this claim with the generalization that Native Americans exhibited… Read More