Racism isn’t cool, but sometimes homophobia is…

In today’s America the call-out culture continues to grow, although like most of feminism’s 21st century advents it is misguided; failing to focus its energies where truly necessary. Instead of calling out American-led militarism or our hypocritical foreign policy, social justice warriors and their tumblr obsessives focus on t-shirts and actors at the Oscars.

There are of course other issues they could contend with were they not so busy sipping away at their fair-trade coffee while churning out their usual verbiage, like the growing trend of cultural relativism in the States and how it sabotages human rights efforts abroad while protecting bigotry at home.

You may well ask what I am talking about now. I mentioned in an earlier article the bizarre and upside down concerns everyday Americans have and prioritize, like free-range non-antibiotic pork or gluten free foods while ignoring America’s relationship with such theocratic fascist regimes as Saudi Arabia. Along the same vein, despite what some feminists would have you believe, it is safe to say that racist and sexist commentary will be soundly stamped out where found while homophobic commentary, so long as it is phrased appropriately, will be left untouched.

Even now Texas refuses to acknowledge gay couples’ rights to their own biological children and celebrates their refusal to recognize same sex marriage. In Michigan, there is legislation being prepared that would allow adoption agencies to refuse service to same-sex couples on religious grounds while still receiving public funds.

There are absolutely no laws specifically targeting any ethnic group from doing anything in this country. There is no exercised law stopping black heterosexuals from marrying or adopting children. There is no exercised law that prevents Muslims from teaching their children or others about their religion. There is, of course, institutional bigotry that pervades with or without the law but this is another matter compared to that which has the force of both social and legal support.

Americans are right to hastily set about the destruction of racist, sexist, and other hateful trends that continue to crop up in American culture and society. But there is an obvious double standard when religion is involved and LGBT individuals are not the only ones who suffer at the hands of it. Women are also sidelined when criticizing theocratic cultures; labeled as racist and bigots for pointing out the obvious in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. And certainly in our own country, one can scarcely even discuss the matter at a University for fear of being labeled grossly intolerant, even if you’re an immigrant having endured personally everything you’re discussing.

Indeed, cultural relativism says that if you can claim the practice and beliefs as an essential and deeply rooted part of your culture then others outside cannot make a value judgement on it. This is so obviously bosh I can’t believe it even bears being said. If racism within America is sinister then racism outside America is equally so. And if homophobia for non-religious reasons is intolerable then so is homophobia grounded in religion. One cannot have it both ways. Bigotry is either absolutely bad or it is not. If you are to maintain that LGBT people and women deserve equal treatment under secular law then no nation’s culture or religion can be made to excuse otherwise.

A culture, and especially a religion, is no excuse for hateful behavior. If you doubt this then please, spend a year in a country that puts their god first such as in Saudia Arabia and we’ll talk again then. It is important that we ask why it is that a religious ideology like Islam or evangelical Christianity can be inculcated into children and without restriction while something as basic to the human condition as sexuality is barred from tuition in multiple states, and especially non-heteronormative sexuality. Religion is a nonsense set of superstitious beliefs that culminate into some of the worst ideas known to man and yet it takes absolute priority over human sexuality?

It is time to get real people. There are good ideas. There are bad ideas. And then there are ideas that can be reasonably debated. It is time we got honest about which ones the bad ones are and why they are so vehemently protected. There is nothing intellectual or reasonable about it. It is about vested interests and it is intellectually and ethically dishonest to say otherwise.


One Comment on “Racism isn’t cool, but sometimes homophobia is…

  1. Love the post. Even though it was only one sentence from your entire post, I think something people really need to think about is the fact that debates are no longer real on university campuses. The SJW culture most University campuses are experiencing is absolutely nothing but dangerous to society. University is not a place where you should feel safe intellectually. It is a place where there should be clashing opinions and constant questioning. However, the combination of a bullshit PC and SJW culture is doing nothing but creating an indoctrinated society. I hate to say it, but this is one of the bigger problems of the young liberal. The thought that if someone doesn’t share the same opinion on a matter means they are wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to speak is sad and its something that is happening more and more today. There are so many speakers that these SJWs don’t agree with who are either uninvited to speak due to protests, or are unable to speak because of people constantly interrupting them and talking over them during their presentations. Its really not a place to develop your own views anymore. Its become a place of hostility for any separate views other than the those from the left. Debating isnt comfortable and should never be. Debating is also not designed to persuade the other party to agree with you. Debating is pretty much set up for the undecided and giving people the view from both sides. If we no longer have an opposing side, its not a debate. In summary, people need to stop bitching about fucking everything, complaining about their “problems,” and come to the realization that most of their problems, when put into perspective, are not really fucking problems at all.

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