Muslims in the Middle: The Relationship between the Far Right and Islamism

I often rant and rave about religion and I stand vehemently by the claim that all religion is bad for you. I’ll quote Maryam Namazie here and say that religion, much like a pack of smokes, should come… Read More

Truth, an Existential Threat

I was recently engaged in a slight tussle with a relative on facebook which made me think about how easily overlooked the point of a statement can be when the audience’s mood is elsewhere. This individual has a… Read More

Who Watches the Watchmen? (The Unwarranted Worship of Military and Police in America)

I’m tired of hearing about American lives and I’m tired of hearing about how police officers and military are heroes. Americans are not the only human beings on this planet and American constabulary and soldiers are rarely heroic,… Read More

Raw Diets: Half-Baked and Overcooked

There is a growing movement of idiots in our country, they’re called Raw Vegans and they must be stopped. No, I’m kidding, they’re mostly just a danger to themselves anyway. Actually, raw vegans aren’t much different from ordinary… Read More

Common Arguments Against Free Speech: How to Obliterate Them

Argument 1 [The Already Argument] But we already have limits on free speech! What about libel? Slander? Or Holocaust denial laws? Counter 1 This one is a non-starter since laws restricting the freedom of speech do not automatically… Read More