This one is going to be very brief.

The other day I walk into a Chipotle in Menlo Park, California and I see this huge sign apologizing for the absence of ‘responsibly raised pork’. I don’t really know what they mean by the adverb ‘responsibly’. Does this mean they received a proper non-abstinence only sex education? Who knows…but it made me think about how bizarre liberals are these days. They can go on and on and on about GMOs, vaccines and all manner of identity politics but they don’t have a single thing to say about Blackwater and arming the Saudis or other theocratic fascists. Priorities people.

Sweden is a good example of a country with feminists who actually stand for something, who actually buck at the establishment. The Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom has criticized heavily the Saudi’s fascist theocratic regime and now Muslim nations aplenty are closing ranks, mustering all the cultural relativism they can to defend themselves and even sanctioning. And how is backing Sweden? America? Nope. Europe? Nope. Even Margot’s own people are suffering from weak knees. I guess when push comes to shove and the situation is inconvenient big countries like Saudi Arabia will never be held accountable for their heinous human rights violations which, in case any liberals were preparing for a Western comparison, are the cultural NORM and not the exception.


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