Religious Freedom: Freedom to Force Your Values on Others

After Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ bill which would allow private business owners to discriminate who they serve based upon their religious beliefs, people on both sides have been clamoring to argue why it should or shouldn’t be supported. The… Read More


This one is going to be very brief. The other day I walk into a Chipotle in Menlo Park, California and I see this huge sign apologizing for the absence of ‘responsibly raised pork’. I don’t really know… Read More

Nicki Minaj: Black racism against Asians (A parody)

ATTENTION: This is a parody. It does not in any way reflect my actual views on cultural appropriation or any group or community of people in the United States. It is meant as a parody of what has… Read More

Apologizing for Theocratic Fascism: The New Secular Liberals

There is a tremendous amount of confusion these days among secular liberals about the difference between Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. The constant and incessant conflation of these two concepts is typically the driving force for… Read More

Body Accountability

I’m a little late on this one but I want to talk about the backlash to Maria Kang over her impressive body photos and what it says about the American woman that Kang was taken to such task… Read More

Intellectual Places can never be Safe Places.

I don’t like the concept of ‘trigger warnings’, ‘safe places’ or ‘microaggressions’. I don’t like them because they cloister people in chambers of entitlement and victim-mongering that nurse fragile and adolescent psychologies. These new terms to the tumblr… Read More

Do You Have the Basics?

I think there needs to be a new rule for casual debate. The rule would be called John’s Razor and it would state that if one doesn’t understand the fundamentals of a subject than nothing one says on… Read More

Gay Men: The Straight Man’s Spirit Guide

[NOTE: This essay discusses men (maleness) and women (femaleness) as an aggregate. It goes without saying that there is an exception to just about every rule but here I am talking about the whole and not portions of it. Further,… Read More

The Evolutionary Mystique of Homosexuality

Reparative or conversion therapy is a method used to ‘fix’ homosexuality. Its premise is based entirely on one of two or both of the following notions: hetero-normative masculinity and heterosexuality as ‘the natural state’. In essence, that it… Read More

ISIS is Muslim and Westboro is Christian, Deal with It.

An article in the Atlantic about ISIS really made my day. It was coherent, well researched, and ruthless. The writer touched on some issues that I think are particularly salient especially since they pertain to more than just… Read More