Truth: A Short

Much is often made of morality and its supposed origin in religion.

Though it is obvious to anyone not living under a rock that morality exists with or without religion, many are fond of arguing that without faiths like Christianity, morality would cease to be. Surprisingly enough this is even used to justify religion’s existence and legitimacy. The argument goes something like this.

But if no one believed in God no one would fear hell or his wrath and everyone would do what they want! Bleargh!

Other times…

But if God wasn’t around to show us what’s right and wrong, how would we know?

We have a couple of problems here. Let’s address the first statement. There are two issues I have with this declaration and the first one exposes Christianity’s god for the extorting, misanthrope he is.

If God really loved you and was truly full of compassion and limitless understanding why would he have to force devotion out of you with fear like a tyrant? This also brings me to that point about free will humans ostensibly have under Christianity’s God. Is it really free will if you’re forced through ultimatums of eternal damnation to ‘choose’ him? Of course not. Ultimatums aren’t choices, they’re ultimatums.

None of the above is really the point. The point, and this is the biggest issue with both statement one and two, is that even if a godless world was an entirely immoral one that wouldn’t change the simple fact that Christianity and its like are all untrue. Or, if I am really generous, entirely unsubstantiated.

So these arguments using Hitler or Stalin, as facetious and facile as they are, remain inadequate since the point is about what is true, not what makes you feel good. And these other arguments about how Christianity is peaceful and Islam is not, are equally meaningless for the same reason. It doesn’t matter, because neither are true.


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