No, You’re Not Perfect the Way God Made You.

I love this song. But I have a few things to say about it because it touches on an aspect of American culture that peeves me. The part about how everyone is perfect, unique, special in the best way, and how apparently self-development, whether physical or mental, should go fuck itself dead.

The song just touches on the issue and this isn’t a critique of Meghan Trainor or the song itself but rather the sentiment.

In the land of weight-loss obsessed America we see two methods popularly and ubiquitously displayed. The first method advertised is, ‘Eat whatever you want but buy our food because it is specifically formulated to make you thin.’ The second goes something like this: ‘Eat whatever you want but make certain you pop this pill once or twice a day.’ There is rarely if ever anything mentioning portion sizes or exercise. This is likely because taking care of your body is hard work, requires restraint, motivation and commitment.

There is one other popular commercial about weight-loss we see but this one is as irrelevant to the issue of health as the former two. It is the, ‘Go to the gym and get abs of steel and arms like Arnold not because it is good for you but because this is SEXY and SEXY is always best.’ This one plays to people’s vanity whereas the last two play to laziness and gluttony.

Like so many other opinions in America the ones about body and health linger only at the extremes. People either demand Madonna-like levels of gym attendance or they dismiss obesity entirely, claiming that nutrition and fitness are as superficial as the people that push them.

The reality is much simpler than either side would have us believe. The gym goers are dishonest about the health benefits of pumping iron and constant strenuous exercise of any kind. It is neither necessary nor necessarily good for you. Our fans of ‘body positivity’ are equally disingenuous, if not flat out delusional if they really believe that obesity doesn’t negatively impact health.

People never appreciate health until they lose it. We should be intrinsically motivated to eat healthy and exercise regularly, recognizing that in the present and long term the benefits are numerous. This doesn’t mean turning into Tayler Lautner or Twiggy. It does mean, however, that the only meaningful and long lasting way to maintain health is through commitment; not lying to yourself about circumstances totally within your control and throwing good sense to the wind with feel good tunes and pithy sayings like, ‘I’m perfect just the way god made me!’.

You are not, in fact, perfect. No one is. Your body and mind have imperfections and they always will. By any objective measure I’m sure I could find them. Some are, however, luckier or more hard-working than others. This brings me to my point about self-development.

As people we can always improve. The notion that you are perfect from birth, that bullshit peddled by Christians and moms everywhere, is crap. You can always self-improve. Learn a language. Write a book. Start a business. Eat healthier. Learn something new. Work on your interpersonal skills. Change.

People that believe they are perfect don’t change. They remain the same. They don’t learn from experiences, they don’t learn new skills, they don’t develop their personalities, interests, or understanding of the world. In essence they are infantile, lazy, and worst of all, boring.

Americans need to stop telling themselves it is okay to love yourself unconditionally. Unconditional love doesn’t exist, nor should it. We love people because of who they are, because of what they represent, because of what their behavior and ideas represent. If your son becomes a maniacal, axe-wielding rapist you’ll probably stop loving him. You may still love who he WAS, but not who he has become. You may stop loving your wife if she becomes and remains insanely racist, such an insufferable person would be difficult to stand by.

Finally, if you can’t get what you want you’ll have to appreciate what you already have. I forget who said that but it offers great insight into human psychology. Be honest with yourself so you don’t blind yourself to what is good for you.


One Comment on “No, You’re Not Perfect the Way God Made You.

  1. I am a big fan of the idea of love yourself and be proud of who you are but I think a lot of people in modern America have taken that to the extreme on both sides of the health spectrum. I’m fat. I have almost always been fat except for about 3 years of my life where I was at a normal weight and exercised like a machine. I understand what it is like to be on the obese side and what it is like to be on the fit side. Both sides are ridiculous and play into your emotional and psychological state. On the fat side, I am constantly self-conscious of what I eat in front of people because I feel like people are always judgmental. That comes from the time in my life where I was fit and actually was extremely judgmental of overweight people.

    I have also always been a relatively confident fat dude who can outshine most people in most things. ^-^ With that said, I do not think that I should just accept that I am fat and not try to better myself. I know it is an issue. People who claim that there are no negative aspects to being fat are completely insane. There is actually some small movement that I stumbled upon that is all about shaming people for not being fat. Although it is hilarious because of the irony, I find it both repulsive and discouraging culturally in our nation.

    On the complete other side are the growing number of people who are public about their hate for fat people and actually go out of their way to shame them. This is equally as repulsive. These growing movements on both sides are a product of the bullshit P.C. and SJW culture our country is currently tittyfucking. While I dont think its okay to shame someone for anything other than them doing something to harm another person in the immediate, I also don’t think its okay that we have to completely hide our feelings from others if they are not 100% positive. If you think I am doing something wrong with my life, share it. I may go tell you to fuck yourself but that is the risk we take. But the idea that we have to completely hide our thoughts so we are not viewed as intolerant, bigots, racists, sexists, classists, fatists, skinnyists (not sure if those last two are even in the dictionary but they should be), or whatever ‘ist’ you could be is something that could really hold us back and creates a situation where we have to hold in our thoughts and feelings until they boil over into the extreme like in these shaming groups. We should talk about our imperfections and judge each other so we can continue to improve. No one improves themselves unless there is some sort of motivation or need. Think about some of the great stories of people who were told they couldn’t and decided to say ‘fuck off’ and went for it anyways. Common morality and even simple common sense should lead people, not the idea of Political Correctness. Anyways, I’m starting to rant now so I’m going to be done…


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