Feminism is for EVERYONE! But not really…

So the huffington post has yet again written another cutesy article about women ‘teaching’ men about what true feminism is, lifting the stigma, blah blah blah…they say it is about equality for all regardless of skin, gender and blah. Apparently dictionary.com and wikipedia disagree.

Feminism may indeed lend itself to the causes of others but first and foremost feminism prioritizes the needs and rights of women. That is not the advancement of equality for everyone, even if the intent is there.

Now…I don’t believe that feminism threatens the rights of men or any other group, however, I do believe it is a fundamentally outdated, disorganized, and even harmful series of confused ideologies in countries where women have secured nearly full equality.

When I say harmful, again I do not mean it threatens rights so much as it derails discussions, debate, and reasonable critiques of both itself and the ideologies it chooses to align itself with. Feminists have the reputation they have today for a reason and it is not because Americans in 2015 hate the idea of women being equal.

People fighting for social justice in America have the luxury of both the social support and institutions that allow them to fight simultaneously on all fronts and for all people where rights are concerned. This is not Saudi Arabia where a narrow focus on one very large and highly disenfranchised group can be justified due to the overwhelming deluge of oppressive policies that structure their lives. Indeed, North Americans all have the ability to broach the topic of rights in general and for all, regardless of characteristic.

It is entirely unnecessary to call that movement feminism because it doesn’t prioritize or even originate from women, nor does it accurately describe the focus of such a movement. The very fact that feminists now claim they fight for everyone’s rights only proves how absolutely redundant their movement has become in this country.

It is my opinion that these people would be better identified as Humanists if they truly believe in advancing the rights of all and fighting oppression globally. If you don’t like that, then just call yourself a human rights advocate or activist. One fellow in the article actually mentions Humanism.

Critiques of using this term (Humanist) claim it does not have the same ‘human rights implications’ as feminism but this is fallacious since the crux of Humanism is the criticism of bad ideas and few ideas are objectively worse than bigotry. More than that, feminism has become increasingly dogmatic, a trait Humanism is less likely to foster since it is at its core anti-dogmatism.

One article makes this fatuous comparison to medicine, claiming it is okay to have specific branches of medicine with narrow focuses so hey, why not feminism too? This is so facile I can hardly begin. But here we go…the difference is that people in America CAN focus on bigotry in general because there is no fundamental difference between sexism, racism, or homophobia. We can be outraged by and deal with all at the same time in this country…

…oncology to medicine (the example) is not like feminism to human rights for the simple reason that oncology addresses a concrete problem which necessitates specialized education to resolve it. Feminism addresses abstractions and does not objectively necessitate singular and focused study and a degree. If that doesn’t prove it I’ll give one example.

Few human beings could be a licensed/qualified neurologist, dentist, oceanographer, and geologist at the same time. But everyone could be a Muslim, feminist, socialist animal right’s activist if they were so inclined. This is the difference between ideologies and skill-sets ladies and gentlemen and the difference between the concrete and the abstract.

It is true that Humanism is pretty general though the difference has to do with their cores. Humanism’s core is the embrace of human reason and rejection of objectively identified bosh, including religion. Feminism’s core prioritizes one group over others and further embraces cultures and all their faults outright on the silly presumption of cultural relativism – even when these faults are diametrically opposed to human rights.

Feminism in countries like America is a redundant idea. Let’s move on folks.


2 Comments on “Feminism is for EVERYONE! But not really…

  1. I know you say you wont go so far as to say feminism doesnt threaten the rights of other groups in itself, but I will. Let me preface this with the fact that I am not talking about the feminist ideology of equal rights between men and women, I am talking about modern feminism and what it has become. You mentioned that feminism prioritizes the rights and needs of women. If you prioritize the rights or needs of one group you are disqualifying some needs or rights of another group.

    Lets talk about the “rape culture” of feminism for example. Rape, by far, is one of the worst things you can do to another human being. It is stealing their feelings of safety for probably the rest of their lives. It is violent, dehumanizing, and ruins someone’s sexual desire. However, we see a lot of cases in the news lately of men who are accused of rape later get the accusation repealed after having already spent a number of years in jail. When this situation happens, sure everyone demonizes the woman, but there are usually no repercussions other than a scared name and possibly a lawsuit. This is, of course, a failure of our courts to figure out the facts. However, it is difficult for the courts to figure out the facts in a rape case because it usually comes down to one person’s word over another. Men are tried in rape cases as “guilty until proven innocent” because of the stigma related to rape. A lot of the false accusations of rape come from the “rape culture” that is spewing from modern feminist ideology. The fact is, two people getting drunk, deciding to have sex, and having one person regret it the next day does not constitute rape but a lot of modern feminist SJWs disagree. The combination of this entire cluster fuck and our need to be a P.C. country makes it so we cannot have a real conversation of these issues and thus threatens the right to a fair trial.

    Of course, this is an extreme example but I am trying to make a point. For me, if feminism really was just “The equality of men and women,” I would definitely call myself a feminist. Unfortunately, however, in the world we live in today with all of the SJWs and P.C. jackasses, feminism has morphed into something that only benefits women because those who are true feminists usually are a lot quieter than those SJW femanazis. I am all for equality but I am about equality for all, not for individual groups.


  2. P.S.

    Your blog is the only way for me to get a fill of Queen Cathy. Miss you bro!


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