Rant on American Sniper

So I want to talk about why I love this video so much. It so concisely and incisively sums up every issue I have with American Sniper and many Americans’ adoration for it.

Regarding Iraq, I can easily expose America’s double standards here by simply saying, if it was for the WMDs that we invaded then that motivation is void because they never existed. If it was simply to unseat a tyrant then that too is nixed because why not any number of less stable or even more tyrannical regimes like North Korea? Or Saudi Arabia? Why did we maintain relations with South Africa for so long during apartheid if America is so in love with freedom?

Past and present actions seem to prove indubitably that Iraq had little to do with either WMDs or unseating a tyrant. Again, democratic principles have NOTHING to do with American foreign policy and only complete imbeciles seem to think otherwise.

American patriotism is misguided and obnoxious. Calling every soldier a ‘hero’ dismisses the reality of the human condition at war, the humanity of those caught in-between, and the sometimes monstrous actions of our own soldiers. I could sum all this up though by simply saying that it ignores nuance.

Chris Kyle and those like him boast that America is the ‘greatest country in the world’ despite the fact that they have often never been abroad. But even if they had they could still never justify so ridiculous a statement after only visiting a handful of countries.


3 Comments on “Rant on American Sniper

  1. In his book, Chris Kyle actually claimed(falsely, thankfully, I guess) that he shot something like 30 looters during Hurricane Katrina. Gee, I wonder how he wanted us to envision those “looters” Anyway, in the real world this is called 30 counts of murder one, because the United States wasn’t under martial law and we don’t summarily execute people for theft.


  2. I will say that the U.S. is my favorite country in the world but I don’t really think that there are any countries that could be considered “the greatest.” When it comes down to it, they all have their own problems and issues whether they are political, social, or economic. A lot of patriotism in the states is something that I would think of as “false patriotism” whereas there is no comparison and people mainly just believe what they are told. I don’t really take anyone seriously until they have not just went on vacation abroad, but actually lived somewhere long enough to have a good comparison between their home nation and another nation. Personally, even though there are a large amount of issues in the states, I would still consider myself Patriotic.

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  3. America is a great country to live in. For me, it remains one of the most convenient. But I think when my options open up I will probably live elsewhere again. I think my real issue is many people think you have to love it all or love none of it. I can acknowledge America’s strengths, and because I want her to succeed at her best, her faults really peeve me.


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