America and Her Priorities: Foie Gras and Saudia Arabia

So this about does it for me. Apparently the people of California have a lot of time on their hands and absolutely no sense of priority.

Foie gras is actually a hot-button issue. Apparently because it involves force-feeding the animals to acquire the desired fattened liver. Now don’t mistake me. I find this unnecessary even though I’ve tasted foie gras, and it is awesome, but I could live without it. But between America’s over-priced healthcare system, our broken educational system, and the fact that Syria and Iraq threaten to become stateless to a bunch of maniacal psychopaths, I have to ask, really?

That this came to court means people worked very hard to make it an ‘issue’. Money was raised and spent, time was devoted, and politicians, lawyers, and all manner of offices were conscripted into the service of safeguarding the rights of water fowl.

Human intelligence, and this really does prove it ladies, gentlemen and everyone else, is cosmically overrated. Human character, ethics, all that jazz: vastly overrated.

Barack Obama couldn’t go to that rally about ‘free speech’ or whatever in France but he could show up for King Abdullah’s funeral and claim he is a ‘great leader‘. A great leader that systemically oppressed women, supported corporal and capital punishment for adulterers and homosexuals, and was, above everything else, a fucking theocratic dictator. Did I mention they still amputate limbs for robbery in that country? But he was a great leader. How he was distinguishable from Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran I don’t know, but apparently they’re very different. How he was better than Putin with regard to gay rights I have no clue, but according to the White House, he was.

See what I mean about people and priorities? See what I mean about human intelligence? Where is the outrage regarding this recent trip by Obama? Why don’t people ask why Saudi Arabia is courted by the leader of the free world but Iran is consistently snubbed by it? Some of us know why. It is because America’s policies abroad have nothing to do with fostering democratic principles but everything to do with opening markets and forcing the arms of those who refuse to cooperate.

But let’s not worry about that. The ducks in California need saving.


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