American Shill for Russia’s Bullshit

I think it might have been the News Hour that I was watching when, as is usual in America, they had two ‘experts’ debating a geopolitical issue. This time it was Ukraine and Russia and whether or not the United States should begin arming the Ukrainians against the Russian-backed opposition.

The first guy seemed pretty reasonable, as far as I could tell, and supported this initiative by stating that it would deter Putin from continuing this conflict and starting others by substantially raising his costs and bogging him down to the point where he would, according to this dude, probably end up retreating. I don’t know about all that but it is not an unreasonable thing to say.

Our shill…I mean, -cough cough- excuse me, other expert, believed that arming the Ukrainians would perforce lead to an escalation of the kind that would ultimately bring about nuclear war. This hysterical fearmongering and entirely unfounded delusion is not what I want to focus on but rather what he said next which was that the US and Europe were responsible for Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

How is the West responsible? Well he predictably goes on to exclaim that the West has unfairly asserted its influence eastward, sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, and that Russia has done the only thing it could do to safeguard its interests as a regional power against the West’s expansion. Who is imperialist again? Not the guy who is literally invading other countries I guess.

This last part is so interesting because it places Ukraine in the position of property. Property to be owned and controlled by either the West or Russia. Why this man believes Russia is somehow entitled to any kind of relationship with Ukraine is beyond me but apparently he believes her (Russia) so entitled that Putin was justified in not just the seizure of Crimea but in funding and supplying a civil war effort. To what end I can’t really say.

This entire affair has globally alienated Russia, exacerbated her financial crisis, and ruined forever her relationship with what was once one of her closest allies. In return she has received the financially dependent Crimea and the very unstable, equally financially dependent Donbass. But we are expected to believe that Putin would use nuclear weapons if…what, the Donbass was on the verge of being re-taken? What exactly would he bomb? Who would he bomb? And does this shill believe that Putin believes there would be no consequences to engaging in nuclear reprisal? Putin is a megalomaniacal idiot but he isn’t going to go full potato here and start nuking shit. If he doesn’t want the United States involved then that would be the BEST way to get her involved, by nuking something.

Also…Russia never was, is not, and never could justify annexing Crimea the way she did or her depredations in Eastern Ukraine. No number of comparisons, analogies, or fantasies will mitigate that cold, hard, though still throbbing, fact.


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