The New Morality Police: P.C. Liberals

A writer for the Harvard Crimson wants to curtail academic freedom in the name of bigotry. Her name is Sandra Korn. This is amusing if only because the religious and conservatives of America have used similarly moralizing arguments… Read More

Truth: A Short

Much is often made of morality and its supposed origin in religion. Though it is obvious to anyone not living under a rock that morality exists with or without religion, many are fond of arguing that without faiths… Read More

7 Major Hypocrisies of the Typical American Conservative

FIRST ONE I am uber pro-gun for the reason that I mistrust my government so much I believe that if given the chance it may one day attack its own people. Don’t question our government’s motives in Iraq… Read More

No, You’re Not Perfect the Way God Made You.

I love this song. But I have a few things to say about it because it touches on an aspect of American culture that peeves me. The part about how everyone is perfect, unique, special in the best… Read More

The Sexy Time You and the Public You

It seems to me many people have failed to understand the act of sex at its core and what it means for human behavior. While I am not a psychologist or physician I am a veteran of the… Read More

The ‘N’ Word

The single most controversial word in American history and our vernacular is the word ‘nigger’. It is a word that sounds as ugly and hateful as it is meant to be and to this day maintains, no matter… Read More

The Chapel Hill Shootings and What 2 Stupid Women Have to Say About It

LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME! The above is a video of some people discussing atheism in the aftermath of the Chapel Hill Shooting since apparently, the shooter is a self-described anti-theist. While it remains unconfirmed whether or… Read More

Feminism is for EVERYONE! But not really…

So the huffington post has yet again written another cutesy article about women ‘teaching’ men about what true feminism is, lifting the stigma, blah blah blah…they say it is about equality for all regardless of skin, gender and blah…. Read More

Rant on American Sniper

So I want to talk about why I love this video so much. It so concisely and incisively sums up every issue I have with American Sniper and many Americans’ adoration for it. Regarding Iraq, I can easily… Read More

America and Her Priorities: Foie Gras and Saudia Arabia

So this about does it for me. Apparently the people of California have a lot of time on their hands and absolutely no sense of priority. Foie gras is actually a hot-button issue. Apparently because it involves force-feeding… Read More