Sex: A Meeting of Urges, Not Identities

Fucking is a power dynamic. The feminist myth that equality can be achieved between partners within the act of sex is as ridiculous as it is unsubstantiated. Furthermore, the feminist contention with penetration is entirely arbitrary. The notion… Read More

VEGAN ARGUMENTS: Arbitrary and Arrogant

Vegan arguments are largely predicated on either rights or suffering. There are also environmental and health arguments for not eating animal products but they can be dismissed for both their misrepresentation of human biology and evolution as well… Read More

Oppression and Privilege: A Matter of Time, Space, and Money

It’s been too long since anyone did a real examination of what privilege and oppression in America actually are. There probably hasn’t been a realistic analysis of their complexities since intersectionality theory was developed, which if you don’t… Read More

Racism and Religious Critiques: False Equivalencies

Religious criticism, more specifically criticism of Islam, is often equated with racism and ethnic hatred. There are so many problems with this equivalency that I am actually bedazzled by it. It is as though I am watching the… Read More

Missing the Point about Religion

It should be glaringly apparent to the fives and tens of people who read this blog that I am no fan of religion. More than that, however, I’m generally opposed to lazy thinking, irrationality, and intellectual insincerity. The… Read More

Random Rant about Plants

Time for a random rant. I really love plants and for many reasons. Now for the pet-peeve. I have some things to say about people who buy plants and then leave them in those hideous plastic planters/pots they… Read More

Microaggressions: And?

[Addendum: The point of this article is not to dismiss ACTUAL instances of subtle or not-so-subtle racism and prejudice but to point out that simply ‘feeling’ offended does not justify claiming it is so. We need to ask… Read More

Shared Goals are not Shared Motives

I want to address an irksome trend among people today when arguing. I am referring to the conflation of action and motive. It seems to me many people struggle with recognizing that different and even opposing motives can… Read More

Wholesale Reparations for Slavery: Considerations

Recently I was discussing with some friends the matter of reparations for slavery (general reparations). This is, in my mind, a bad or unworkable idea for several reasons. Now before I get started I want to make it… Read More

Religious Interpretation: Come one, come all…

Islam is now intimately associated with terrorism despite the fact that everyone from Christians to Buddhists actively participate in terrorizing people the world over. People still don’t seem to realize that religion, and not Islam specifically, is the… Read More