A Murder Dismissed: Michael Brown’s Death Goes Unquestioned

That a grand jury in the United States has decided this case is not even worth discussing only proves without a fucking doubt what I posted in my previous critique of our jury system. When left to idiots we receive misguided and unsubstantiated findings. But more than that, we are doomed to render utter miscarriages of justice. Sometimes a case represents not just the future well-being of an individual but that of a community or even nation. This was one such case. The message is clear: Black men are threats, no matter what they do, according to our law enforcement and judiciary.

Even if we were to conclude that witnesses in support of Brown were spotty and that Michael likely did ‘charge’ Wilson, how would that justify 6 shots? 6 shots, two of which went to the head. What in American hell could have justified gunning an unarmed adolescent down with 6 shots? Was he about to perform a terrible enchantment? Maybe Brown was a wizard and we just haven’t been informed yet. Maybe he had other powers, like the ability to control minds. Or maybe he possessed super strength, like Superman, and Wilson was terrified he would be overwhelmed by the hulking physique of an unarmed teenager. After all, Wilson had but a gun to defend himself with – what was he to do?

I’m not being facetious because I think this is funny. I am being facetious because this pronouncement of the jury is without a doubt the single most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in my life – I can’t remember anything more outrageous, nonsensical, or sinister than this. The only word I can really manage to succinctly sum it all up is disgusting.

6 shots. Wilson felt so threatened he had to fire 6 shots at a boy. NOTHING could have justified such a measure on the part of Wilson. So what if Michael was charging? So what if he went absolutely bat-shit crazy? How would any of that necessitate 6 shots? This officer is unfit for duty. This man needs to be reviewed by a competent legal system that recognizes the importance of reviewing the heinous act of gunning down an unarmed citizen without any kind of justification that even broaches coherency.

Not once is any believable narrative asserted that would justify such fear as to empty a magazine into an unarmed teenager – this is an officer, his station demands reasonable restraint, it demands that he know how to marshal himself under stress.

As it stands, we have only two stories. But in either case it is OBVIOUS that Wilson was and remains wrong. This should have gone to trial, without question. There is nothing that vindicates Wilson. And there is nothing that rationalizes or justifies his murderously hysterical actions.

No justice to be had or found in America today.



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