Death to Religion: Waking Up to Reality

The reality of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is that they are intolerant religions espousing elitist, even fascist values, and the only reason they appear in any country, such as America, as peaceful is because the secular laws of that nation have cowed their barbaric practices into submission.

Christians cannot kill their children for disrespect in the U.S. because secular laws say they cannot. Muslims in America cannot hang homosexuals for the same reason. And when evangelicals murder doctors for performing abortions, they are rightfully and speedily imprisoned because the law states that God is no excuse for murder. As for the Jewish people in America, they cannot prevent apostasy or execute ‘witches’ because under secular law it is illegal. Religion has evolved not because it wanted to, but because it had to. There is nothing humane about religion, nothing virtuous about faith, and we should do everything we can to finish off these primitive and already moribund practices.


What nice people…

It is, of course, inconvenient for liberals and feminists of all sorts who wish to believe that religions desire peaceful coexistence, or that they can evolve alongside society and of their own volition. But the reality is that Jews, Muslims, and Christians, if given the chance would either eradicate each other or coerce conversion. It is not the virtues of these faiths that prevents this but rather the virtues of secular humanism that have.

As a result we can see that most people in the developed world do not in fact believe in God as they claim to. We know this because obviously man’s government, as they see it, is second to God’s law and yet it is not God’s law that they prioritize. No doubt this is because they value their lives and freedom in the here and now, where it matters, and know intrinsically that God does not exist and as a result, could offer no succor from the hammer of secular law.

Religious strife exists the world over and I don’t think I need to cite sources to prove it. The Jews have been persecuted for centuries by Christians of all stripes. Muslims, even now, murder each other by the thousands while Israel’s behavior proves definitively what they truly think of coexistence with Muslims. Even Buddhists have failed to accomplish anything remotely resembling tolerance (within and without their community) as my former article unequivocally demonstrates. Mormons, being no exception, have seen their own sect both fissiparate and exert racist policy with regard to membership.

It has become particularly vogue to interpret and reinterpret the Koran, Bible, and Torah in order to create the illusion that these books are inclusive, loving, and conducive to human rights and secular society. But while it is true that religions can become as religions do, which would suggest that Abrahamic faiths are largely peaceful in the West, they are also as they say. And as long as they say one thing while their practitioners do another, people of faith will have to accept and admit that there is no reconciliation between modern, enlightened secular societies and their ‘books’. And it is their books that stand as the only hard and historical foundation of their faiths – that is as far as their practice goes. For this reason they cannot blame the rest of us for failing to take their ‘beliefs’ seriously.

But I would contend that even in the West, where all these practitioners are largely law-abiding and ‘good’ people, it is still ultimately both denigrating to critical thought and deleterious to society. This can be easily demonstrated by the rampant attacks on science, minority groups, and secular law. How is it good for society when we have Christian groups contaminating education? Or when they trammel the expansion of human rights?

And even if practitioners in the West are physically non-violent, though they are certainly ideologically hostile, it is still the case that in many other nations these religions condone the execution of thousands, permit the supplantation of education with superstition, and provide yet another needless excuse for political strife and balkanization.

The issue of ‘faith’ as a virtue is another problem that affects the developed and undeveloped equally. Promoting the idea that ‘just believing’ without evidence or logical cause is a virtue is not only intellectually lazy but it inoculates people against the value of empiricism. It also inures us against the best practice of adapting to new information and instead promotes active ignorance, denial, and misoneism (hatred of change).

Anything positive about religion is scarcely unique to the institution itself. Compassion and charity can be found in secular organizations like ‘Doctors without Borders’ and the claim that ‘godless’ people are prone to evil is ridiculous and utterly without substance. Lastly, their adaptations to survive and remain relevant in increasingly more inclusive, diverse, and scientifically knowledgeable societies is a survival tactic and nothing more. We should not mistake this as a virtue but rather as proof of their greatest flaw; religions’ willingness to accept change not for the better but so that they can continue to exist. In the meantime they will resist all that it can.


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