Patho-Adolescent America

A friend of mine was recently regaling me with his theory of America’s patho-adolescent culture. Basically the assertion is that Americans persist in a teenage mindset centered around the experience of the self (all attention for ME!!!) with… Read More

Atheism: Not a Church, Not an Ideology

I was recently engaged in a very tedious discussion with some feminist, Marxist troll who kept insisting that atheism is an ideology. He asserted this based off of the beliefs, writings, and lectures of recent so-called ‘New Atheists’,… Read More

A Murder Dismissed: Michael Brown’s Death Goes Unquestioned

That a grand jury in the United States has decided this case is not even worth discussing only proves without a fucking doubt what I posted in my previous critique of our jury system. When left to idiots… Read More

The Jury: Trial by Idiots

The jury has long been a symbol of civilized justice and legal enlightenment. Representing both equality and the judiciary’s accountability to the people, it is a celebrated institution in every country that possesses it – so symbolic in… Read More

Justifying Authority and Claims

I’m not the first person to think that authority needs to justify itself. I don’t know who said it first, nor do I really care, maybe Chomsky or someone else like him, but it seems this is at… Read More

Homeschooling and Religious Indoctrination: An Attack

Indoctrinating children into any particular faith is, and should be labeled, child abuse. The reasons are obvious. It constitutes a complete negligence of their education, free-will, and psychological well-being. And while many of us may have grown up… Read More

America’s Hatred of Science and Love of Opinion

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle collider, the largest and most powerful of its kind, established by the European Organization for Nuclear Research and stationed near Geneva, Switzerland. It is underground and boasts a circumference of… Read More

Social Justice Narratives and Their Problems

This is just something to chew on until I am done with my ‘peaceful savage myth’ piece which I am in the process of writing. I have basically said this before in my Fixing American Feminism work but… Read More

ANAL SEX: For Beginners

I’m not lying when I say that as a sodomite practitioner of the dark arts of sex, a shit-ton of hetero-men have asked me about how to broach the topic of anal intercourse with their lady friends. In… Read More

Identity Politics: A Brief Attack

You are a hollow, underdeveloped person when you exclaim that your sexuality, race, or sex makes you. When you claim that it is part of ‘everything’ you do and is relevant to all occasions. Of these three superficial… Read More