Common Christian Comments on Evolution: Stop Embarassing Yourselves

So…I was watching this ridiculous youtube channel called StateofDaniel and I felt the need to address some of his popularly held beliefs about Evolution and debunk them for the ignorant garbage they are.


Who is to say Evolution and God can’t coexist?

Let’s assume for a moment that God is the initiator and guide of Evolution. This would be problematic for Christians and believers for one big reason, it would prove definitively that God is an idiot.

Evolution as a process does not work toward perfection or even the greatest efficiency, it does damage control. It manages, curbs, and adjusts just enough to preserve survivability. There is so much evidence for this it is overwhelming and the evidence is in the imperfections of biology.

The dodo is a famous example. This bird’s ancestor, once capable of flight, eventually found refuge on an island, Mauritius, where there existed no predators and so, naturally, it lost its wings over time. This was because there was no longer a competitive advantage to having them. But then people showed up with their cats and dogs and those flightless birds found themselves in a boat without a paddle. So if God were managing that situation, wouldn’t he have had the foresight not to delete the wings?

If God were in control of Evolution then why would giant silkworm moths have vestigial mouths? That is to say, mouths they never use and don’t need. Vestigial refers to organs that are either increasingly unnecessary (of little use) or have become entirely useless.

Giant silkworm moths only mate in their adult stage and then they die. So what’s with the mouths if they don’t eat? Why would God force the caterpillar, when pupating, to invest time and energy developing organs and tissue it doesn’t need, especially when that energy is so valuable?

And what about congenitally blind animals with eyes, like various moles, fish, or salamanders? Why do you need even the remnants of eyes if you are built to live in the dark all the time?

And what about human beings? Why do we have so many problems with our bodies if a perfect being guided Evolution? What’s with the innumerable diseases we can contract? What about our appendix and tonsils, which are increasingly unnecessary? Even whales seem to have remnants of their land-going past.

The God and Evolution marriage believers need to explain the many imperfections that evolution saddles us with. Without God it is simple. This is a natural process, guided by forces that emphasize survivorship by whatever means possible, and this means adjustment, not perfection.

Oh…and there’s no evidence to suggest a god does exist. There’s that too.


Evolution advocates the evil moral philosophy of ‘survival of the fittest’.

No, it doesn’t. Evolution is a scientific theory which explains and predicts biological phenomena, founded upon the many tested and observed principles of that discipline. It does not lend itself to moral philosophy. Merely because people have misinterpreted and coopted Evolution in order to justify wicked ends does not mean Evolution, as a theory, is evil. This is like calling chemistry and physics evil because people have made nuclear weapons using their principles. Evolution and science have nothing to do with morality or ethics. One is an explanation of a process, the other is a tool for knowledge; how knowledge is used by people is a reflection of the users, not the knowledge. I can strangle someone with a scarf, this hardly makes scarves evil, nor does it mean they should be banned.

I want to add here that people often associate Hitler and Darwin, claiming Hitler used Darwin’s theories to justify killing the Jews. Darwin, as a matter of fucking fact, was one of the first people to openly state in his famous book that mankind was of one species, not distinct ones and that Europeans were not inherently superior, which means Hitler’s understanding of both Darwin’s work and Evolution was remarkably flawed. Had Hitler understood Darwin then he would have realized his accusations against the Jews were not only baseless but non-scientific.


Evolution places humans and animals on the same level.

Sigh. What ‘level’ is that exactly? Regarding origins? Yes. But what about language and consciousness? Evolution states clearly and proves clearly that human beings are apes and share a common ancestor with them just as all organisms share a common lineage at some juncture in their development as a species. But this does not mean as people we need start treating chickens or spiders as people. As conscious beings we can distinguish between levels of awareness, consciousness, and suffering, and it is this, for many people, that determines where they place their sympathies.

It is not because of God that you treat a fly and a dog differently. It is because you know and feel in your being that a dog exhibits greater awareness and response to suffering than a fly ever could – and it is for this reason that you think nothing of swatting flies and why in many societies you can actually face jail time for dog abuse.

On another note, it is religious philosophy that marginalizes animal life and justifies the needless abuse, rape, and exploitation of both the planet and its inhabitants. How so? Because books like the Bible justify man’s dominion over Earth and elevate him/her to the status of ‘Master’. Further, the Bible is no guide to neighborly behavior as it justifies ubiquitously murder, rape, genocide, and prejudice for as many times as it implores compassion. Worst of all, however, is its example of vicarious redemption through Jesus, which is as primitive as it is criminal. How can imposing punishment on the innocent absolve the guilty?


Evolution devalues human life.

No, Evolution is a scientific theory that explains biological phenomena. People devalue human life.


Evolution depresses me because it suggests people are purposeless animals instead of the masters of the universe the Bible says we are.

That’s not an argument, those are your feelings. But that being said, you can create meaning and purpose in your own life instead of sitting about like a plant and waiting for it to be read to you from a poorly written Bronze Age self-help book.  Human beings are capable of creating and manifesting their own destinies, unlike say, giraffes, which is why it is great to be human. So instead of waiting for someone to tell you what to do and who to be why don’t you try deciding for yourself? Besides, who said life has to have meaning?


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