Lame Generalizations about Atheists

It has become exhausting, all the little buzzfeed and whatever else articles about ‘how annoying’ or ‘hypocritical’ atheists are. Allow me to counter some of these nonsense claims which are undoubtedly the work of the very insecure believers who, in an attempt to appear strong and confident, have put a very misguided and uninformed foot forward on the matter.

  1. Atheists are intolerant.

No, just exhausted with your false equivalencies and ignorant whataboutisms. It is funny to me that Sam Harris, Dawkins, and Hitchens are about the only examples angry believers can come up with when ranting about intolerant atheists. Their biggest crime is writing highly cogent if slightly captious books. As for ‘intolerant’ believers, I could point to suicide bombers, assassins of doctors, hate crimes, pedophiles, imperialist missionaries, and genocides – all in the name of various religions. Consider yourselves lucky we only write angry books and blog posts.

  1. Atheists think they’re smarter than everyone else.

Nah…just more reasonable, consistent, and less hypocritical. You see it is a little tired, this tendency of believers to scrutinize with a scope every detail of science and philosophy that disagrees or is incongruent with their beliefs and yet refuse to turn that scope on themselves – and when asked to do so claim they are being ‘attacked’ and ‘discriminated’ against. Remember how when the Catholic church had power in Europe it used it to torture, coerce, murder, exploit, and deceive people into doing whatever it wanted? Again, you’re lucky we just ask questions.

  1. Atheism is a religion too!

No…it really isn’t. It’s a position on what is actually a really small issue – or at least it would be small if there weren’t so many asshole believers out there ready to kill, rape, forcibly convert, and sanction those who disagree with them. Atheism has no rituals, holidays, temples, and most importantly, gods. Just because some atheists can appear loud, obstreperous and overbearing the way religious people do almost all the time doesn’t mean atheism is a religion. See how that works? See how words actually have meaning and we have to stand by them in order for language to function? See how you can’t just decide to put everything in the same box because you don’t like what happens when their defined?

  1. Atheists think they know everything.

This again? Actually believers think they know everything. See believers think they know who created the universe, planet, all life, and why. That would be the definition of knowing everything. Atheists simply question this ludicrous stance and point out that not knowing something doesn’t mean you invent answers for it. And for the last time, simply because science has YET to explain something does not mean you can use god/s as the de facto space-filler.

  1. Atheists are arrogant.

I would say the people who believe they are the center, point, and focus of the universe, planet, their creator/s, and all life are arrogant but hey, that’s just my opinion.

  1. Stalin, Hitler, and Mao were atheists and they’ve killed more than any religious person!

Wrong again. Whether Hitler was religious or not is disputed at best. Obviously it is in the best interest of Christianity’s reputation to claim he was not one of their own. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao rejected religious institutions because they were barriers and competitors to and of political power. Totalitarian/Fascist leaders tend to consolidate and horde authority. But none of this is here nor there because none of these leaders killed in the name of atheism or formed an ideology based on it. Being an atheist while at the same time being guilty of murder is not the same as being religious and killing someone in the name of your religion. See the difference? Compare, ‘Hitler was a vegetarian (fact!) and he committed genocide, thus vegetarianism can lead to genocide.’ Nope.


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