Trigger Warnings: Censorship and Speech Policing

Trigger warnings have become enormously popular and topical, not the least because of feminists and social justice warriors. For some reason, a large number of people seem to believe they live in a fantasy land where they have… Read More

Rights, Reality, and Rape Culture

Rape is a not a special kind of crime. What do I mean by this? I mean, when accused of murder, robbery, vandalism, or any other crime you can think of, regardless of how mild or severe, those… Read More

Homophobia, A Hatred of Women

So…homophobic women have always been a mystery to me for several reasons. One is because I hold women to a higher standard than men. I know this seems unfair but really, anyone not living under a rock and… Read More

Changing the Discourse about ‘beliefs’

So I’m going to discuss once more the issue of Religious Privilege and further, the issue with Western discourse today about such issues. I’m not the first to say this, and I won’t be the last nor will… Read More

Religious Privilege

I’ve been reading a lot about privilege lately and revisiting some essays and articles from my feminist days and I’ve come to realize there is a serious lack of dialogue about one of the strongest forms, the religious… Read More

Abortion, a reality check…for the pro-life peeps

There can be no question that a fertilized human egg, newly accoutered with the requisite 46 chromosomes, is a human being in the genetic sense. Many ‘pro-life’ advocates believe this ‘concession’ wins them the day in the debate… Read More

Fixing American Feminism

I suspect this is a western issue really, but I will stick to what I unfortunately know about American feminists and social justice warriors. This is not a critique of fighting for justice but it is an examination… Read More

Sharia Law: Not a Human Rights Framework

Believe it or not I do not have to know anything about Sharia Law other than that it is a religious law to know that it is fundamentally in conflict and hostile to human rights, basic or otherwise…. Read More

Veganism: Against the Facts

Meat Causes Cancer: But not really. First I want to address the prevarication that eating meat causes colon cancer. No it does not. Eating meat does not cause colon cancer. Eating an unbalanced diet, heavy in red and… Read More


The question is, are you really interested in understanding genetically modified foods? Or have you already decided that, no matter what, they must be bad for you? The road to understanding is often a long, drawn-out slog that… Read More